Patton Gateway

Patton Gateway

Patton Gateway is a business centre situated on 4.45 acres of land conveniently located at 285005 Wrangler Way.

The business centre is made up of six bays across three buildings set up as a condominium, providing unique benefits for the owners:

  • Prime real estate with convenient access to Stoney Trail via Peigan Trail
  • Competitive purchase price
  • Reduced operation cost with savings on maintenance, property tax, and insurance
Patton Gateway

The first of three buildings has been completed and sold, with two additional buildings ready for construction. The business centre features:

  • 9,629 square foot bays. 7,197 warehouse with 2,432 Office & Mezzanine
  • Can be purchased as single bay or complete building (two bays)
  • Dock door (8’ X 10’) and drive in loading door (14’ x 14’)
  • 24’ clear ceiling height
  • Site design allows for 53’ transport circulation
  • 155 parking stalls, 65 dedicated and 90 shared
  • Secure site complete with perimeter fence and pole-mounted yard lighting

The next building at Patton Gateway is ready to move forward for spring construction.

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