Design-Build Delivery Method

Design-Build Delivery Method

Preferred Delivery: Design-Build

At Spacemakers, our preferred project delivery method is design-build. This preference is based on our 30 years of experience putting our clients first. The design-build approach delivers distinct value with excellent results due to the high level of collaboration between the client and the builder throughout the design process.

While we prefer the design-build approach, we always put our clients’ needs first and recognize there are alternative delivery methods that may better suit different clients and project types. The chart below details the differences between delivery methods. Please contact us to discuss the best delivery method for your project.


The Design-Build Process

  • Client/owner selects a design-build contractor (design-builder) based on past performance, ideally one who has the ability to deliver a successful project on time and on budget
  • The design-builder becomes part of the owner’s team and has the owner’s best interests at heart
  • The design-builder contractor acts as the single-point of accountability for the client from design to construction completion
  • A single contact point and accountable party removes any question as to who is responsible for challenges that arise in the construction process
  • The design-builder is responsible for engaging and leading the architect, consultants and trades, keeping the client’s and project’s best interests at the forefront
  • Tight integration of all key parties with a highly vested lead through the design phase results in economic benefits and schedule improvements
  • Design-build projects benefit from a team that has a history of executing together to ensure a quality project is delivered on time and on budget
  • A Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimate is provided early in the design phase as the design and scope are refined and objectively defined, and sub-trades and suppliers are selected for their ability to contribute to the client’s objectives
  • The contract price is fixed prior to the start of construction
  • The design-build approach is the fastest delivery method for a successful project, due mainly to a tightly integrated project team

Delivery Method Comparison

Construction Management
General Contracting
Owner’s point of contact Single Multiple Multiple
Collaboration High Medium – High Low
Schedule Shortest Average Longest
Fee Structure Stipulated / Fixed Price – From detailed project understanding Percent Fee Lump Sum – From what’s on the drawing
Change Order Potential Low Low – Medium High
Distinct Value High Medium Low
Owner’s Time Commitment Low Low – Medium Medium – High
Owner’s Risk Low Medium High